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Snake IO is a competitive multiplayer io game. Control your little snake to crawl around the forest to eat as many power dots as possible to grow stronger.

How to increase your size

In this game, you start as a little snake. Your objective is to control your snake to move around the forest to eat colorful power dots to grow longer and stronger. The bigger dots your snake eats, the faster it grows. 

Besides, some insects such as slugs, ladybugs, and bubble monsters in the forest are also nutritious foods that help to increase the size of your body. However, they can move. You need to wait for the insects and ladybugs to slow down to eat them. Eating these foods will help you grow faster.

You are in a fight for food, so you have to be quick. Click and drag to increase your speed. However, increasing the speed will consume a lot of energy. You will see small white dots appear as you accelerate. It is a sign of loss of energy. If you boost your snake, the size of the snake will reduce. When your snake runs out of energy, you won't be able to run as fast anymore. The solution for you is to eat more energy dots.

Be careful with big stones along the road. Try not to hit them if you don’t want to die soon.

You need to watch out for parasites. They will stick to you to suck energy. They will reduce your size. Let's go to the edge of the sea where there are bushes. Go quickly through the bushes to get rid of these parasites.

Competition and Multiplayer

Besides, you can compete with other players. This game is designed to bring the experience to many people at the same time. You can trap to make other snakes crash into you. At that time, your opponent will die. When they die, they will leave behind a huge amount of energy. This is the most precious food source. Eat these energies quickly because other snakes can compete with you. However, you need to pay attention. Other players also eliminate you. Try to avoid crashing into other snakes if you don’t want to die and become their food. 

After you die, you can transform into a ladybug to collect nectar, and kill slugs and other ladybugs to get extra points and coins. When you turn into a ladybug, you can fly as fast and slow as you want. When you fly in the air, no one can hurt you. However, the process of flying will consume energy and you do not collect food. When you land on the ground. You need to pay attention to your surroundings. When you become a ladybug, you no longer have the ability to fight. You become prey for the snakes. Be careful!

Features and Modes

By participating in this game, you can enjoy a variety of interesting features of this entertaining game. They include:

  • A range of snake skins to select
  • Various pets to select
  • Various flags to select
  • Chests with various valuable gifts
  • Leaderboard supports
  • Multiple maps (Standard, Desert, and Forest)
  • Multiplayer
  • Excellent graphics and vibrant sound effects

Your snake's appearance can be changed with different skins, flags, and accessories. You can unlock them through quests or rewards. Besides, the game has many maps like Standard, Desert, and Forest.

You can express your emotion by using a range of emotions on the top of the screen. There are many different expressions. You can express emotions, happy, sad, angry, and shy through lovely icons.

This game features an “Observation” mode which allows you to watch how other players play. Use this mode if you want to learn their play strategies.

Furthermore, you can make friends with other players. After that, you can open the online playroom. Your friends can play together as a team. This will bring more advantages when you can cooperate together. Hunt the carved snakes together. In particular, this game has a rewarding mode when killing the leader of the snake. You will get a huge reward.

You will be rewarded with a key after finishing a match. Accumulate as many keys as possible to unlock many treasure chests to claim various surprising rewards. Attempt to earn as many coins as possible to upgrade the speed and abilities of your snake. Get as many rubies as possible to purchase new snake skins in the store. If you reach level 10, you can find and grow pets. 

Leaderboard and Rewards

After finishing a game round, you can track your performance on an achievement table. You can view some of the snake's stats like mass, medals, crowns, and kills. Here, you can also decide to participate to turn into a ladybug or not. Your records and rankings will also be displayed on this table.

Try your best to gain more than 10 tons of weight to raise your name to the top ten on the leaderboard and get many medals and crowns. Whenever you can set a new record and raise your rank on the leaderboard, you will get a new tile that indicates your reputation compared to other snakes over the world. There are many tiles including Newbie, Hunter, Follower, Baron, Duke, Marquis, Prince, and so on.

Evolution Function

You can upgrade the map as well as your snake. Use earned gold to perform this ability. Besides, you also need to reach the required level to unlock these evolutions. For example, you can evolve a transformation lamp with 65 gold coins. You can also unlock backup lights at level 6.

Sign up for a VIP package to get many benefits

  • Getting extra keys and reviving after dying
  • Receiving more valuable rewards and +50 premium flags and skins
  • Unlocking new maps and participating in the new season of Snake IO
  • Using the rubies you earn to buy more coins
  • Using the real money to purchase more rubies in the store.

Don’t hesitate! Play this amazing io game now with billions of people from many countries around the world. This game can be played on both mobile and PC. You can invite your friends to play Snake IO. If your account is VIP, you can chat with them.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the snake.

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