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Snake IO

About Snake IO

Snake IO is a fierce battle for online multiplayer. This is a free game where you can compete and conquer this empire. Become a snake king dominating the map!

This snake game allows you to engage in fiery battles with other players. Participate in uncompromising battles to win. Any player will become your opponent. Use your super control to conquer this snake empire! Exciting addictive experiences are waiting for you!

Necessary Information about The Gameplay of The Snake IO Game

How to increase your size when you play Snake IO

In this online game, you start as a little snake. Your objective is to control your snake to move around the map and eat colorful power dots. As a result, your snake can become to grow longer and stronger. The bigger dots your snake eats, the faster it grows.

Besides, some insects such as slugs, ladybugs, and bubble monsters are also nutritious foods. They will help to increase the size of your body. However, they can move. You need to wait for the insects and ladybugs to slow down to eat them. Eating these foods will help you grow faster and receive boosters.

Moreover, in order to improve your size, you can collect dots by killing other snakes. After death, the snakes will turn into a huge food source. Gathering these energy sources is the best way to grow.

How to fight and compete in the online Snake IO battle

Competing with other players is a fantastic feature of this action game. This game is designed to give the experience to many people playing at the same time. Together turn into snakes to fight. Other snakes will be eliminated if they hit you. Similarly, you will also die if you crash into other players. Try to avoid collisions with your opponents. However, that is not easy. Your opponents will try to trap you. They can suddenly accelerate for you to crash into them.

Furthermore, the danger is greatly increased if you are a small snake. Snakes that are longer and bigger than you can move around you. They surround you to make sure you don't move to another area. As a consequence, you can crash into them. However, there are special cases. Great snakes will die for mistakes. These cases are few so you should become as big as possible.

After you die, you can transform into a ladybug to collect nectar. Remember to kill slugs and other ladybugs to get extra points and coins. When you turn into a ladybug, you can fly as fast and slow as you want. When you fly in the air, no one can hurt you. However, the process of flying will consume energy and you can not collect food. When you land on the ground, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. When you become a ladybug, you no longer have the ability to fight. You become prey for the snakes. Try to collect a full pot of nectar to get additional points. Getting a high score will help you increase your rank.

Some dangers when playing the Snake IO game

You are in a fight for food, so you have to be quick. Click and drag to increase your speed. However, increasing the speed will consume a lot of energy. You will see small white dots appear as you accelerate. It is a sign of loss of energy. If you boost your snake, the size of the snake will reduce. When your snake runs out of energy, you won't be able to run as fast anymore. The solution for you is to eat more energy dots.

Be careful with big stones along the road. Try not to hit them if you don't want to die soon.

You need to watch out for parasites. They will stick to you to suck energy. They will reduce your size. Let's go to the edge of the sea where there are bushes. Go quickly through the bushes to get rid of these parasites.



The Shop is where you can activate VIP packages and unlock treasures.

You can purchase a 30-day VIP package for $1.99 without registration. If you subscribe, you can buy the same package for $1.49. Especially, you can sign up for a 12-month plan for $5.99 in subscription mode. After purchasing the VIP package, you will receive great incentives. Here are the benefits you will receive when purchasing the VIP package:

  • Ruby Ticket: You will receive 300 rubies instantly. After that, every day you get 90 rubies. The total amount of ruby ​​you receive after 30 days is up to 3000 rubies.
  • Premium Content: You get access to 50+ premium skins and markers. These skins are specially designed. You cannot own them without subscribing to the VIP package. Colorful skins are waiting for you.
  • Extra Life: You can reborn after death. A second chance opens up for you when you are destroyed. This is an ability that only the VIP package can give you.
  • Other bonuses: Play without ads, get extra keys, double treasure, get the royal sign, and chat with friends.

In addition, you can buy treasures in the Shop of this entertaining game. You can buy gold with ruby ​​and buy ruby ​​with money. The price of each treasure is different based on the amount of gold and ruby. You can see their price list below.



Lair allows you to participate in battles and track your playing progress. Press the Play button on the screen to start playing. Besides, you can create teams with friends. Together become a team of snake killers and fight for domination. The bigger you are, the higher your power. The Friends icon is where you can play this team mode. Above the Friends button, there is an observe button. You can observe other players while activating this mode.

Other buttons are leaderboard, skins, and edible bubbles. They are arranged in order from left to right on the screen. In particular, you can participate in special seasons at Lair. The red box in the upper left corner is where you can open the special season. There are many Snake IO events coming soon.


You can upgrade many different items.




There are many achievements. Every time you gain an achievement, the corresponding card will light up. Click on them to get different rewards. You can get ruby, gold, or skins. The rewards will be based on the type of achievements you achieve. The higher the achievement, the greater the reward.



Pets are the new feature of this game. By buying pets after reaching level 10, you can have beautiful pets with you. These pets not only help you to look beautiful but also help you play more fun. Each pet has different personality traits. Some are gluttonous, some are lazy, and some are active.


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