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Battalion Commander 2

About Battalion Commander 2

Your friends are being held hostage by the enemy, do you dare to rush into the enemy base to rescue them? Join Battalion Commander 2 and rescue your teammates.

Become the platoon leader in Battalion Commander 2

Coming to this game, you will transform into a squad leader of a heroic legion. Rescuing teammates who are being captured by the enemy is your mission. You will storm the enemy base alone, destroying any enemies that stand in your way. Shoot at the iron cages to save your teammates. In addition, if you are bored of this game, you can play Snake IO.


Use the mouse to control the game.

Game features in Battalion Commander 2

Upgrade for your squad captain

The enemy troops were extremely numerous, and they were equipped with advanced weapons. Therefore, to win, and rescue your teammates, you also need to equip your character with the necessary equipment. In the game shop, use the coins you collect to upgrade your character's weapons and battle armor. Do not let yourself be inferior to your opponent.

Master Battalion Commander 2

Come to this game, the more you save your teammates and bring them back to fight with you, your strength will increase rapidly. Remember, the enemy is equipped with good guns, good armor, and even weapons like missiles. Meanwhile, you are alone to storm the enemy base. Therefore, save as many teammates as possible and then command them to fight with you, destroying all enemies.


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