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Big Snake. IO

About Big Snake. IO

Big Snake. IO is a competitive io game. This game is played by controlling a little snake to move around the room to eat as many power dots as possible.

Go on to participate in one of the Snake IO games! This new game will take you to explore a colorful neon land. The snakes have colorful neon colors. There are various foods. Besides, the black background color will highlight all other colors. This will immerse you in a world of vibrant colors!

Control your snakes and Gain victory

In this game, your objective is to take control of a little snake to move around the room to eat power dots. These dots are scattered throughout the map. They have many different colors. However, their use is the same. You just need to pay attention to the size of the dots. The bigger the dots, the more power you give. Try to eat as many power dots as possible to grow stronger to level up and raise your rank on the leaderboard.

Another way to get food is to kill other snakes. Your opponents will die if they hit you. After being destroyed, your enemies will leave a large amount of food. In particular, these foods help you grow in size faster than regular dots. Therefore, in order to quickly take the lead, you should join the wars. Compete and destroy other snakes!

However, be careful with other snakes in the room. Attempt not to crash into them if you don't want to lose soon. You can surround them to block their way so that they hit you and die. Do your best to kill as many snakes as possible and survive as long as you can. The mini-map on the left bottom of the screen allows you to know where your rivals and you are in the room.

Furthermore, when you kill a snake, your level bar will increase. When this bar is full, you will level up. Track your level in the left corner of the screen.

How to control

Slide your mouse to move. Press and hold the left mouse button to speed up.

Note that, if you accelerate, your snake will get smaller.

Special Objectives

Each time you join a match, you can complete special objectives to win rewards. Each major task will consist of four sub-tasks. You can do it one at a time. After completing a big task, you can move on to the next one. For example, you will have to survive for at least 2 minutes, reach a weight of 100 grams, kill 10 snakes in a single match and reach level 10 to complete the first mission. After this mission, you will face more difficult tasks.

Free Settings

You can freely choose your character's skin. There are many different colors and expressions. You can choose any skin without paying any fee. Besides, the choice of room size is also completely free. There are 3 options: Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the room in which you want to fight. However, if you are a new player, you should choose Medium to adapt to this game first. Then you can choose any room.


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