About Bloxcape

The most recent version of the Bloxcape puzzle gives you access to a profusion of levels, each of which tests your skills against a one-of-a-kind challenge and rewards you with colored blocks at the end of the level. They are crammed into a space that is much too tiny for them, and there is an image of a white star printed on one of the blocks. You have been given the responsibility of eliminating this specific impediment from the playground. The way out is shown by an orange arrow, and before you are allowed to proceed, a certain amount of barriers must first be broken down. You have to move all of the items in Bloxcape while simultaneously striving to create place for the star block in order to complete the assignment. Continue doing what you're doing until you receive the outcome you want.

The game is comprised of a total of 25 stages, each of which will inevitably get more difficult than the one that came before it, despite the fact that the play area will not become larger as the game progresses.


  • Many levels to challenge your brain
  • Simple and soft graphic 
  • Interesting puzzle game 

How to play

  • Use mouse or touch the screen!


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