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Body Race Online

About Body Race Online

You are a person who likes beauty, you want to have a well-proportioned body? Body Race Online will be a place to remind you of activities that can help you have an ideal body.

How to have a beautiful body in Body Race Online

Your mission in the game is to help a girl get in shape by avoiding fast food while collecting vegetables and healthy food along the way. The game has simple controls - hover from left to right on the screen to avoid harmful foods like burgers and high-calorie foods that make you gain weight. When it comes to running games, Super Mario Endless Run is also worth a try.

How to control

Slide the mouse to control your character.

Body Race Online's game features


One of the coolest features of Body Race Online is that while collecting food, you can watch your character's body change in real time. This allows you to reach the finish line while trying to adjust your body to the proper weight. In fact, at the end of the road, you will have to get on a scale to measure the final weight in kilograms and assess whether you will fit each dress.

Items appear in the game

In Body Race Online, there are various exciting items that will appear in the game. All of these items have an effect on your physique and body. Accordingly, they are divided into two schools, healthy and unhealthy. Items such as fast food, Netflix, ice cream, soft drinks, etc will be classified as unhealthy. They will make your body ugly, fatter. Meanwhile, your task is to collect healthy items such as vegetables, gym, and fitness to have a balanced body.


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