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About Brutal.io

Controlling a vehicle with a circular flair attached is a need in the great multiplayer.io game known as Brutal.io. You must make an effort to make your flail bigger so that you can smash other players with it. The crystals that are dispersed around the map also appear when an enemy is defeated, and the bigger the adversary was when it was destroyed, the bigger the crystals that were dropped. When you collect these crystals, the size of your flail increases from its initial, extremely small size.

In contrast, if you manage to touch another player with your flail, you will destroy them. If your flail makes contact with another player's flail, you are eliminated and must restart the game. Fast-paced gameplay necessitates constant movement and alertness. Keep an eye out for the red regions because touching them will quickly destroy you. Watch out for the tiny green triangle forms as well, by running over them, you can add bulk. If you're brutal, can you win the arena without getting deleted?


  • Cool animations
  • Smooth movement and gameplay
  • A minimap to see the location of the biggest vehicle.
  • Changeable the color
  • Invite link

How to control

  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left click to detach flail
  • Hold left click to attach a flail


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