About Bubble Shooter Candy 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the venerable Bubble Shooter game is called Bubble Shooter Candy 2. From the very first pop, you'll fall in love with this game since it combines the best Bubble Shooter game with the sweetest and cutest candy. What is your highest possible score? Make the candies pop and enjoy Bubble Shooter Candy 2 right away!

Score as many points as you can by popping all the candies on the board. To aim and shoot, use the mouse or your finger. By striking them with a candy of the same color, you can pop two or more candies. You score extra points if you pop more candies in a single shot. Missing any candies will result in a foul. A fresh line of candies will be put to the top as a penalty after repeated fouls. Adapt your winning tactics for every game!

Utilize the walls and the vectors to accurately aim in order to accomplish your objectives! To continue playing, use your master-level aim to shoot bubbles of the same hue while avoiding the candy waves. Without further ado, let's begin your first game! To see where you are aiming, move the mouse around or tap and hold your finger on the screen. Utilize the walls to your advantage and use them to bounce bubbles as you shoot the most challenging sets. With this captivating bubble-shooter masterpiece, you may sharpen your abilities by shooting faster as the game speed increases. Try all three settings in the setup menu to alter the game's difficulty. Watch your score in the section below and contrast it with the gold cup. Improve with practice and set new records to collect every cup! A wonderful time!


  • Nice graphics
  • Amazing visual effects
  • Simple controls
  • Difficulty options
  • Available on mobile devices

How to play

  • You can move your mouse to aim and click to shoot bubbles.


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