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Crazy Snake io

About Crazy Snake io

Try to stay as long as you can through a brand-new competitive Snake game, Crazy Snake io! This game challenges you to become the greatest snake among players.

The world of Snake IO

If you are an online game enthusiast, you will be familiar with the snake series. This game genre is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It was always preferred by players and played in their spare time. Why is this multiplayer game so attractive? Because this game gives players the real experience of being able to play with other players. Players can interact and compete directly with each other. Especially, when you play with humans, interesting situations will continuously happen. It requires you to use soft skills to handle the situation. This is not the same as when you play against bots. The bots will only follow the programmer's guidelines. This is completely uninteresting.

In addition, the snake io game has simple gameplay. You can easily control the snake with your mouse. You can grasp the skills of the snake the first time you play the game. Besides, the developer also knows very well the tastes of players. These games are designed with eye-catching graphics and vivid sounds.

In the Crazy Snake io game, you will be able to enjoy the night sky with twinkling stars. You seem to be moving through endless galaxies. You seem to transform into an astronaut and explore the surroundings. Moreover, your food is delicious candies. With all the following features, Crazy Snake io is definitely a game that you are worth spending time on. Let's challenge your friends and be the first person among all. Good luck!


  • Multiple snake skins - There is a mount of skins for you to customize your snake.
  • 2 game modes - endless mode and timed mode
  • The adorable design will definitely make you adore

The gameplay of Crazy Snake io

Like other kinds of snake io games, in Crazy Snake io, your mission is to survive on the map as long as you can. Collect the yummy food to grow in size. The more food you collect, the more your size increases. If you have a large size, the ability to collect items will also increase. You will gather more food at 1 time. Besides, when you grow up, you will make other players fear you. Snakes are very dangerous because they can trap smaller snakes.

However, remember to dodge and avoid hitting the other players, or else you are doomed to consequence. Large snakes will move slower than small snakes. Therefore, mobility is limited. You need to pay special attention to avoid a collision. Even if you have a large body, the possibility of being attacked is still high. Small snakes are very cunning. They will come close to you and suddenly speed up. If you don't react quickly, it's easy to win. That is all you have to keep in mind to master this game.

Furthermore, there are two game modes: Endless Mode and Time Mode. In Endless Mode, you will play until you are destroyed. In contrast, Time Mode requires you to play for 4 minutes. The surviving snake with the largest size will win.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Left mouse click or space to boost


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