About Cuphead

Welcome to the Cuphead game, where the Cuphead character and you may go on incredible adventures! Have you previously played this game? You should definitely play this game because you won't be disappointed.

Another name for this game is Cuphead: Don't Deal with the Devil. However, we might refer to it simply as the Cuphead game. StudioMDHR created and produced this game. This game has drawn millions of players annually after several innovations.

Why is this amusing game so alluring? This game combines a wide range of gaming genres. Playing games that involve action, shooting, and running might be challenging. The excellent blending of gaming genres enhances the player appeal of this title. This action game keeps you entertained for hours on end. After a long day of work, let's play this game together and have some fun. Enjoy your time !

How to play

In this game, you must pick using the arrow keys and confirm your choice by pressing Z. Additionally, the character control keys are crucial.To move, press the WASD or arrow keys.

  • Use the Z key to parry.
  • Use the X key to shoot.
  • Use the C key to shrink.
  • Use the V key to EX move (requires a minimum of 1 card.).
  • Use the Q key to swap weapons.


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