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Escaping The Prison

About Escaping The Prison

The dire situation in prison caused a criminal named Henry to think about escaping. Day after day, he had to constantly listen to the sarcastic words of the jailer. Come and help him get out of here.

Player Missions in Escaping the Prison

The game gives players a birthday cake to bypass the guard's eyes, but actually, hidden in the birthday cake is a lot of tools to help you escape, it can be a drill, rocket, even the phone. Choose and use it smartly because it's unlikely that their use is really as effective as you think. Every time you escape a doorway, Escaping The Prison will bring new tools, so choose quickly. In the chase scenes, you have to choose a smart route to avoid the bullets of the guards.

How to control

Use the mouse to control

Why is Escaping the Prison so appealing

The humor of the game

Every time Game over, the game will give very interesting comments about why choosing that tool caused you to fail. Through each table, the game will also count the number of unsuccessful prison escapes of the player. Let's see how many failed prison escapes it took you to find the light of life outside.


This is a game designed with ordinary, simple images, not too picky but brings familiarity as well as funny images. That is also the reason why the game is easy to make players laugh every time they receive a response from the game. Also, if you have an interest in other game genres, Snake IO is for you.


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