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G-Switch 3

About G-Switch 3

Welcome to the very special gravity track of G-Switch 3. Are you ready to face the challenges in this fascinating game?

Complete the challenge of G-Switch 3

Come to this exciting running game, gamers need to transform into a small robot run on a gravity race. You need to overcome all the obstacles on the race. Only when you handle all those obstacles can you continue your journey safely. In addition to G-Switch 3, you can also join the race in Temple Run.

Control guide

Use the left mouse or any keyboard to control.

Some interesting features in G-Switch 3

Game mode

This game offers you two game modes, endless and multiplayer. When playing in endless mode, players will overcome many special challenges of the game. There will be no specific destination, what you need to do is run as far as you can. Meanwhile, G-Switch 3's multiplayer mode is where you can participate in a running competition with your friends or against the machine. Try not to be out of the race soon and become the winner.

Obstacles in G-Switch 3

The obstacles in the track of G-Switch 3 are designed in many different forms. Sometimes you need to avoid deadly cogs. Sometimes you need to be quick to get through the gaps because it can cause you to fall off the track. There will be times when you get stuck by a block, it doesn't make you lose immediately, but if you don't handle it quickly, it will be very annoying.


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