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Geometry Dash Kenos

About Geometry Dash Kenos

A new journey with many new difficulties along with familiar characters in the Geometry Dash Kenos game. Can you accompany the square to the end?

The first parts of the road in Geometry Dash Kenos

0-6% (Eclipsed): The first part of the level is a double-speed cube where the player must hop on walls and hit jump orbs while maneuvering through confined gaps between spikes. At this point, it is important to strike the leap orbs precisely at the right moment. Additionally, the player's gravity can occasionally vary, and a brief mini-ball section with comparable gameplay interrupts the main segment.

7-13% (Zimnior12): The player enters a mini-UFO part first, where they must successfully strike multiple jump orbs with exact hits. Then, in a cube part, players must hop over walls and strike jump orbs while navigating a number of challenging obstacles made out of spikes. The robot segment requires the same action.

Simple control

You can use the mouse or the space bar to play. Many games with simple control are waiting for you on our web. They are Geometry Dash Zodiac, Mahjong Relax, Snake IO, and Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2.


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