About Gobble

Do you remember Hole io? I would like to introduce you to a similar game called Gobble. Let's start the game and devour everything!

Gobble's gameplay

This game has extremely simple gameplay, you just need to navigate for the bottomless mouth to move. Wherever it moves, it will devour everything there. You will be said to complete the challenge when you have swallowed all the items that appear in the game.

How to control

Slide the mouse to move the mouth.

Notes for players in Gobble

Coming to this fascinating game, although your task is to help the bottomless mouth collect all the items in the game. However, you are not allowed to devour humans. If you accidentally swallow any person, the game will be over. Gobble includes many modes with increasing difficulty, but your mission will remain the same. In addition, you need to note that in some levels, the mouth is very small, you need to collect small items first to make the mouth wider to collect other items. Moreover, in some levels, people can move, so you need to be even more careful not to make mistakes. To increase the fun, Gobble is also extremely creative when in some rounds, instead of controlling the mouth to move, your task is to control the robots that push the items to fall into the mouth.


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