About Guess the Path

The wisest among you should play the puzzle game Guess the Path. Therefore, the initial levels are relatively basic, and you would think that it is a game for kids. However, if you play the more challenging levels, you'll realize that this game is not for all hands, or more specifically, not for all minds. Thus, you must join every pair of boxes and entirely fill up the grid. The simpler it is, the harder it gets as the grid gets bigger.
Here's to your newest addiction, welcome! The objective of this problem is to connect the numbers in between with the numbers from low to high. Of sure, there will be some surprises. In order to maintain the cycle, each number needs to be connected to the one after it. To be safe, you can start at the exterior tiles and work your way into the center, although this strategy won't always work, especially on levels with more tiles. When playing those more difficult stages, you must think things out before you act. Diamonds may also be used to purchase suggestions and assistance if you run into trouble. To gain three stars and receive diamonds, begin a level, refrain from using the eraser, and finish the game within the allotted time. Do not leave any tasks undone; instead, follow the accomplishments in the top left corner. Complete every level to become a math guru!


  • Hourly gift
  • Daily challenge
  • More than 80 packs containing 20 levels
  • Achievement
  • Leaderboard

How to play

  • Use your mouse to choose tiles and numbers.




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