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Idle Mining Empire

About Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is an idle tap-screen-style mining game. The player's task is to manage and develop a mineral company to earn the most profit, simply by repeatedly tapping the screen.

Idle Mining Empire's game rules

In the game Idle Mining Empire, you are the owner of a resource mining company, tasked with developing and automating your own empire to generate the most profit.
Make your workers work hard to generate more resources and earn more coins from mined resources. You will control your workers to mine minerals such as stone, gold, and diamonds. Then will control another worker to bring that mineral to the surface. And there continues to be a worker in another department who takes those minerals to produce commodities and makes a profit from them.

Control instructions

Like other games of the same genre, the way to control the game Idle Mining Empire is simply by repeatedly touching the screen. The faster and more taps, the faster things develop and the bigger the profits you make. Even without playing games, your company continues to develop and create products.

Game features in Idle Mining Empire

Upgrading and expanding mines

In Idle Mining Empire, when you have earned a lot of coins from mining. You can use those coins to continue investing in your business. Upgrade the mines to make them work more efficiently, or you can also expand other mineral mines to be able to exploit more and more diverse. If you are interested in such games, you can try playing Idle Miner Space Rush.

Hire a manager

The workers in Idle Mining Empire when there will be times when they are tired, or lazy, should work more slowly, inefficiently. To motivate them to work hard, increase productivity, you can hire more managers for each department. They will help you to crowd the workers and you will also be much more idle in managing your mining company.


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