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JetPack Joyride

About JetPack Joyride

Become a flying man in JetPack Joyride and finish your mission in the game. Fly around a lab and kill all your opponnents are your aims when join it.vIf you like similar action games, don't miss The Spear Stickman.

Power-ups in JetPack Joyride

To add more appeal to your gaming experience, JetPack Joyride provides power ups to assist players. During the process of conquering the game's laboratory, players will have the opportunity to use power-ups such as extra lives that help you revive as soon as you are defeated, shields that help you go through all dangerous obstacles. attack you, etc.

Obstacles in JetPack Joyride

In this game, you will go through a state-of-the-art laboratory where scientists research and develop. Therefore, the obstacles and weapons are also very harmful. You will be trapped by cogs, fire wheels, and sometimes even attacked by dangerous missiles. Don't get hit by these attacks if you don't want to end the game early.

Explore JetPack Joyride Labs

Conquer the endless lab of JetPack Joyride

When breaking into the JetPack Joyride lab, your mission is to get as far in this lab as possible. The further you go, the greater the chance of collecting coins, and the higher the score you get. In the process, take advantage of the jet behind you to fly up to avoid obstacles and attack your enemies.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.


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