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Julia’s Food Truck

About Julia’s Food Truck

In Julia's Food Truck, you'll be helping Julia while she runs her burger food truck. Her main goal is to make the best possible burgers. Her food truck is frequently visited by hungry customers. Every consumer approaches the food truck and orders his or her preferred burger. Julia has very little time to make the lunch, but if she does it swiftly, the customers are quite generous.

You must make any requests on Julia's Food Truck's online order. Customers should be catered to if they request one medium, one rare, and one well-done patty with five pieces of cheese. You create fresh hamburgers to order in this unblocked game for foot traffic. Before the diner gets antsy, pile on the components — meat, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a ton more — and serve it hot. You will have access to additional ingredients the more consumers you serve.

Making the orders quickly or even utilizing a lot of materials are not the hardest aspects of this unblocked game. The hardest part, however, is when you mistakenly tap the wrong thing and lose all of your progress. That's correct, only absolute perfection will do for this free high score challenge. In other words, you must be quick and precise in Julia's Food Truck. Good luck!


  • Earn money by making the orders quickly
  • Cute cartoon style
  • Run your own food truck
  • Each client has a different order
  • Compact size

How to control

  • Tap on the ingredients shown on the screen to add them to the burger.
  • Follow the client's order to earn money.
  • You need to tap on the coins left by the customer to collect them.


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