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People Wheel

About People Wheel

The People Wheel game is similar to the Body Race Online game in terms of gameplay. Instead of gathering food to consume, people in the People Wheel will roll together to form a wheel-like circle and easily roll along the road.

Your mission in People Wheel

You start the track alone, gradually gathering everyone into your team to make the circle bigger and bigger. This circle will proceed toward the goal like a wheel. You can get more prizes when you cross the finish line the more people you gather.


How to control the game is very simple: You just need to touch the screen with your finger and swipe left - right to navigate your character to move.

The special comes from People Wheel

Losing a comrade by obstacles

You must lead your squad through all the hurdles, including shifting, rotating, and increasing barriers, while assembling the largest team possible. You will need a few people to be able to tackle each challenge. Consequently, the player must plan their movements while running to minimize damage and gather as many players as possible onto their wheel.


You may level up people and income in the game with the coins you gather while spinning the People Wheel. As a result, you will be able to increase the number of runners from the beginning of the game if you upgrade people. Meanwhile, upgrading income means you will have a chance to collect more bonuses.


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