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Raft Wars

About Raft Wars

While playing on the beach, two Simon brothers accidentally found a treasure and quickly became rich. Unfortunately, the news was in the newspaper and spread everywhere, the bad guys knew about it and wanted to come and rob them of their treasure. You will accompany them and protect the treasure in Raft Wars.

Raft Wars's gamerules

Coming to this attractive game, players will control two Simon brothers characters using guns, aiming accurately to defeat all enemies. Sometimes one bullet is not enough to kill your enemies, keep shooting until they run out of health and fall into the sea.


It is similar to Snake IO, you can use the mouse to control the game.

Game features included in Raft Wars

Weapon Upgrade

Completing each level means that you have destroyed and chased the bad guys and received bonus coins. However, more and more people want to take your property and they come in more numbers. Therefore, to make winning easier, you can use coins to buy and upgrade your weapons.

Follow the HP bar

The HP bar shows the health of each player in the game. When hit by bullets, the amount of health will decrease, until the HP runs out, the player will fall into the sea and die. Therefore, pay attention to the HP bar to monitor the situation. In addition, you can also follow the previous shot to accurately align for the next shot.


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