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Slither Dragon.IO

About Slither Dragon.IO

Slither Dragon. IO is an exciting multiplayer io game. Your objective is to collect as many dragon eggs as possible to gain weight and become a dragon king.

Start the game Slither Dragon.IO by entering your name and choosing your favorite dragon. Please type your name or nickname. This will help you easily recognize your position on the leaderboard.

In addition, you can also choose skins. There are many colorful skins for you. In particular, these skins are entirely free. Each skin is individually designed. For example, you can choose a blue dragon with a fierce face and two horns. Or you can choose the cute black dragon with a baby's face.

Fight in Slither Dragon. IO

This game is played by controlling a little dragon to slither around the arena to collect as many dragon eggs as possible. The more eggs your dragon consume, the longer it is. Be careful! Try to avoid hitting other dragons in the arena if you don't want to lose soon and become their food. You can attack your opponent by surrounding it. Eating the corpse of your rival helps your dragon grow faster. Try your best to be the longest dragon in the arena and raise your name on the leaderboard. Look at the mini camera at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to know where other dragons and you are.

Useful Tips to help you Defeat Slither Dragon. IO

  • The first tip is to collect as many dragon eggs as possible. At that time, your body will have the largest size on the map. That will give you more advantage in matches. For example, you can circle other snakes and make them crash into you. This only happens when you have enough length. On the contrary, if your size is small, you will easily be trapped and imprisoned by other snakes.
  • The second tip is to kill other snakes. When other snakes die, they will turn into food. This food source helps you grow faster than dragon eggs. Besides, you also easily increase your rank on the leaderboard when other snakes have been destroyed.
  • Moreover, you can also run faster by pressing and holding the left mouse button. Run faster to collect more food. For example, when you see a dead snake, you need to quickly eat all the food as quickly as possible. Acceleration at this point is perfectly reasonable.
  • Finally, if you don't like the competition, you can move to the safe zones. The safe zone is where there are few snakes. You can move around to collect dragon eggs and grow. You don't have to fight. Let the other snakes compete with each other. You just need to wait for the opportunity when your opponents have no more to increase your ranking.

Additional Information

Developer: Bizogames.com

Release Date: Tue Apr 19, 2022

This multiplayer game is based on the Snake IO game. You will see the similarities between these two games. However, Slither Dragon. IO will bring you new experiences with simple 2D graphics. You can enjoy this game with minimalism but still, have the characteristics of a basic snake game. This was created to make it suitable for many different audiences.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your dragon.


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