About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is a wonderful game to entertain after a hard-working day. Run and overcome obstacles to reach the destination. Use special items and bonuses.

Unlike normal running games, this game takes you on an adventure with many different characters. Each character has a unique design and character.

  • Ship: This character has the ability to fly in the air. When you press the joystick, it will fly up. Conversely, the character will fall down when you release the control button. This character appears after you go through the pink Ship Portal.
  • Ball: This character will automatically move forward. It rolls along the slope of the game. It will jump when you press the control button. The ball appears after going through the orange portal.
  • UFO: This character will continuously fall under gravity. It only jumps up when you push the control button. The special thing is that UFOs can jump in the air. The UFO character appears after passing through the orange-yellow portal.
  • Robot: This character moves on the ground. Their feet can walk. The robot can jump to different heights. After going through the white gate, the Robot character is born.
  • Wave: Move in a zigzag path. When you press the control button, the character will reverse. The light blue portal spawns the character Wave.
  • Spider: Teleports to the nearest elevated surface and displaces gravity. The Spider character is born with a dark purple portal.

Your Objectives

Your task is to steer these characters. Overcome a series of obstacles to move to the destination. The gameplay is simple. However, the game is more challenging than you think. You will face a series of obstacles such as spikes, pits, animated hazards, and saw-blades. These obstacles appear as the camera approaches and end when the camera passes. Except for animated hazards, all obstacles do not move. In addition, you also need to get used to the movement speed in this game. However, you can change the game level through difficulty adjustment. There are 5 levels Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, and Insane. Choose the mode that's right for you.

Note that this game has a practice mode. You need to turn off this mode in Settings to avoid replaying a level.

How to control: Use the left mouse button, the spacebar, or the up arrow key to control your character.


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