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Snake 2

About Snake 2

Snake 2 is the game you will need to do all in your power to stay alive for as long as possible as you level up. This game, which has elements that are reminiscent of the original version of a classic, will satisfy both experienced gamers and newcomers alike. Are you prepared to crawl about in order to get fruits?

The goals you must accomplish in this title are comparable to those found in other games belonging to the same genre. You will amass a variety of fruits and veggies in an effort to achieve the most amount of growth possible. Even if there are no other players in the area, you should still use extreme caution. You will die and the level will be over if you either crash into the boundaries or bite your own tail. You can go around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The game provides you with the opportunity to play across four distinct levels. At this time, just one of them is open for business. Collecting stars will allow you to access the remaining content. Don't like how your snake just looks all green and boring to you? The skin changer option allows you to alter the color of your character's skin as well as the specifics of their appearance. Stones and even meteorites have been seen to rain down from the heavens on occasion. If you are caught in one, you are going to die right away. Be aware of the flashing red warning lights and stay away from them. You have 5 lives. You may spend the coins you earn from playing the game on additional content from the in-game store. Are you able to unlock all of the levels and grow the length of your snake to its ultimate potential?


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 4 different levels
  • Intuitive controls
  • Can customize the look of your snake

How to play

You use arrow keys or AWSD to control the snake and play this game


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