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About SnakeWar.io

SnakeWar.io is a cool io game. Your objective is to take control of your snake to surround any item in the park to eat them and grow bigger and longer.

At the start of the game, you have to enter your name and choose a snakeskin. This game offers a variety of snake skins that you can select for free. You are free to choose your favorite color like orange, blue, green, yellow, and many more.

How to play SnakeWar.io

Your mission is to control your snake to move around the park to eat any item you find along the way. They can be plants, chairs, garbage cans, light poles, fountains, etc. Note that the items outside the park cannot be swallowed, so ignore them. You can identify the outside of the park by a fence. Do not go outside because it is useless.

However, unlike other snake io games, instead of eating them, you will have to circle them in this game. Control your snake to surround these items to eat them. Don't worry if you crash into other snakes. You are still safe after each collision. No one can kill you in this game. You can even go through objects in the park.

Moreover, when you circle objects, you need to select the appropriate objects. For example, when you are a baby snake, you can only circle small objects like trees or trash cans. As you get older, you can circle larger objects like waterfalls and houses. Choosing the right items saves you time. Each time it is successfully collected, the length of the snake will increase. You can circle more than one object at a time.

You need to be quick as the time is limited. Try your best to make your snake as big as possible in only 1 minute. One minute is a short time and it will be over quickly.

Features of SnakeWar.io

  • As mentioned above, this game has many different skins for you. The comfort of choice will help you feel more excited when it comes to a game.
  • Second, this game is easy to control. You can steer your snake by sliding your mouse. It is simple so that all ages can participate in this game. With one-button control, you don't need to worry if you are joining this game for the first time.
  • Finally, this game has simple graphics. Visualization of objects becomes simpler. However, the number of items is not small.

Similarities and Differences between SnakeWar.io and Snake IO

Both of these games are multiplayer games. You can participate in each game to experience the exciting feeling of competing with other players. However, each game will give you a unique adventure. In SnakeWar.io, you will be limited to 1 minute. In particular, you won't die if you hit other snakes. In contrast, Snake IO gives you infinite time with elimination rules. Crashing another player means death. You can play both of these games and comment on their rules. Have a nice time!


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