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Speedy Snake

About Speedy Snake

Speedy Snake is an interesting online game for people who like competition. Can you outgrow all the other colored snakes in the arena? To get bigger and acquire as many coins as you can, try to consume as much as you can.

In various areas of the stage, we offer round balls for you to get. Collect them, then grow your snake. Every time your snake eats a food pellet, you get bigger and stronger, which makes it harder for your snake to support you. You need to pay much attention because there are other snakes in the arena as well! You lose the game if you touch any other snakes. If you are touched by other snakes, gather the balls that appear after they vanish, then grow your snake. Fun times and be the first person among everyone by challenging your friends!

Features of Speedy Snake

  • Colorful skin
  • >Easy controls with a mouse
  • Play in fullscreen
  • Incredible 3D graphics
  • Meet global players

How to control

  • You control the direction of the snake's head with the mouse or touchpad and the snake's body follows.
  • Click and hold the left mouse to speed up.



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