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About Stabfish.io

In the free io game Stabfish.io, you take on the form of a vicious sea beast. Join a fish-filled multiplayer arena with deadly tusks and hunt your fair share of prey while dodging the blade of another player's stabber. Take control of the sea by collecting fish like trophies and consuming food for energy.

Eat to increase your score and receive bonuses. Attacking from the sides and behind will help you get rid of other fish. Your tusk grows longer with each kill. When your tusk grows long enough, you can launch more daring strikes. Your score will increase as you stab more fish. Your skewer will be decorated with each fish body as a memento of your lethal ferocity

There are various fish upgrades in Stabfish. By achieving milestone milestones, you can unlock additional sea creatures like killer whales and hammerhead sharks. These unlocked skins give players in-game benefits like more kill bonuses. Each player begins with a simple tusk. You can change your tusk into a trident if you have leveled up to level 4 with it. The same reasoning holds true when switching to a chainsaw and cool blade.


  • Aggressive game of stabbing or being stabbed.
  • Bonuses at random to your benefit
  • To raise your score and fill up your boost meter, kill foes and consume food.
  • To improve your fish and weaponry, unlock achievements.

How to control

  • Move your mouse to control the movement.
  • Press the left mouse button to boost the speed.


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