About Stack

To stack the blocks as high as you can in the arcade game Stack. What are your capabilities? Put as many blocks in a stack as you can. Simple and Lovely Graphics Compete for the Best Score in the World. Put as many blocks in a stack as you can. Simple and Lovely Graphics For the Best Score in the World, compete.

You have control over a block that is traveling diagonally. It is up to you to exactly stop it on top of the previous block. Any area of the screen can be touched to complete this. There is almost no time between your tap and the block stops, so you must time it perfectly. Although the concept is quite simple, it is executed beautifully. You'll be fantastic and get a second block with the same proportions if you succeed. If you don't, the part that isn't a part of the underlying block will be taken away and disappear, and the block you get after that will be smaller.

The game will get harder if you keep missing the target since your brick will get smaller. Even if a block wasn't flawless, each piece advances faster following a success. The game's end draws nearer each time you drop a brick. You can record your session. Your block will increase in size if you can land seven times without error. This aids in correcting earlier errors.


  • Simplistic and clean graphics
  • Designs can be a detriment to the aspirations of getting a high score

How to play

  • Use mouse to stack the blocks.


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