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Stacky Run

About Stacky Run

Stacky Run's game rules

Coming to this game, you will control a girl. Your girl is being ridiculated by other girls for wearing old and dirty clothes. Make her more beautiful in Stacky Run!

Use the mouse to help the girl move left or right to collect the right beauty items. Any outfit you collect will be worn on this girl. Therefore, help her choose beautiful outfits and go for a handsome guy to the envy of other girls. Besides, you can try experiencing Snake IO whenever you want. This is a really exciting game.

Avoid the puddles

Any girl wants to be beautiful, so does the girl in Stacky Run. Even if you have already picked out nice clothes for her, it would be bad to leave her clothes dirty. Therefore, avoid puddles on the way if you do not want your clothes to get dirty.

Some notes for players when participating in Stacky Run

Unlock new skins for the boy

When your girl is already beautiful, do you want her boyfriend to look dashing too? Unlock new skins in Stacky Run's store to make the guy at the finish line so handsome and make many people jealous.


Once the girl is more and more beautiful, wearing more beautiful dresses, there will be a lot of boys chasing her. But that is also the reason why other girls are even more jealous of your girl. You can unlock more followers and make them like bodyguards, helping you to get rid of the obstacles in the game as well as those troublesome girls.


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