About Tank.IO

Tank.IO is a superb shooting action game in which you will control a tank to shoot down members of the opposite team. Try to kill as many enemies as possible.

In this game, you will transform into a tank to participate in intense battles. Your task is to control the tank by using the arrow keys and the mouse. Use the up arrow key to go forward and the down arrow key to go backward. Press the left and right arrow keys to move to either side. You can shoot by pressing the left mouse button. Join this game now to show your fighting ability.

You will be randomly teamed up with four other players to form a team of 5. You will also be free to choose one of the tanks in your favorite color. Then get ready to fight. While fighting, you can die but don't worry because you can respawn after 25 seconds. The team whose Tower Health bar fills up first will be the winner.

In addition, you will become bigger and stronger as your level increases. The more enemies you kill, the higher your level. You can follow the leaderboard in the top corner of the screen. Besides, you can also understand who is resurrected and who is fighting through the images at the top of the playing screen. Those who are respawning will have a darker avatar with a second timer. You should also pay attention to the minimap to see the distribution of forces between your team and the opponent team.

Features of Tank.IO

  • Two teams to fight
  • Various tanks to select
  • 25 seconds to revive

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Press the mouse left button to shoot.


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