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Tetris Online

About Tetris Online

Tetris is an addictive puzzle game with simple but equally attractive tile gameplay, promising to bring exciting entertainment moments right on your browser.

Game rules

Your goal in Tetris Online is to score as many points as possible by clearing horizontal rows. The player must rotate, move and drop the falling blocks inside the matrix. The rows will disappear when they are filled by blocks and there are no gaps. As more rows are cleared, your level will increase, so the game will also become more difficult. If the rows of tiles touch the line above the top of the blackboard, the game is over.


Use the arrow keys to control the game. In which, up arrow key is used to rotate the blocks, left and right arrow keys to move, and down key or the mouse is used to drop blocks faster.

Game features of Tetris Online

Game speed

As you progress and get higher, the blocks will start appearing faster, so you have to think fast and keep moving them to create complete horizontal or vertical lines on the grid. Besides this game, you can also play Snake IO to have fun.

Tips for you

Tetris Online provides players with a small table to the right of the user. It will appear while you play the game. So what is this board used for? It will show blocks that are about to appear, you should pay attention to them to plan quickly and win.


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