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About TileMan.io

TileMan.io is a fantastic multiplayer io game in which you compete against other players in an effort to take control of as many blocks as you can. You will begin the game with a block of a color chosen at random, and your goal will be to change all of the blocks on the map to the same color. You are able to convert blocks by constructing a full square, the blocks that are contained within the square will change to your color.

This could seem to be simple, but keep in mind that there are also other competitors to take into account! You are required to either avoid them or attempt to enclose them within your squares in order to force them to collide with you. Take things slowly and methodically. Don't charge in with both barrels blazing! Are you capable of triumph in the TileMan arena?


  • A .io game that takes inspiration from Splix.io and Paper.io.
  • The movement can be stopped.
  • There are several game modes, including an Extreme Speed mode that allows for insanely fast gameplay.
  • Accessible with mobile browsers.

How to control

  • Use W, A, S, D, or arrow keys to move.
  • Use E, P, or numpad 5 to stop.


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