About Timberman

Timberman, the beloved video game played by millions of gamers worldwide, now gets a brand-new, polished ax! Are you a master woodchopper? Discover more by entering the digital forest! Learn how to play this arcade-style classic casual game where you may slice and dice trees to become the quickest timberman alive. In Timberman, you may now take on a single-player challenge to test your abilities and unlock up to 56 characters, as well as play local games with your friends. Take out your dependable ax, become a true Timberman, and fell trees in three different game types.

One of the top games since 2014 and still enthusiastically played in 2022, over 20 million players cannot be wrong! particularly in light of a recent update that includes dozens of new characters, settings, and an expanded settlement! As always, there will be lots of fun and trees to cut down. An old-school arcade-style casual game is called Timberman. Be a Timberman, cut down trees, and stay away from the branches. Sounds like a simple process, right? It's simple to learn yet challenging to master. There are 104 lumberjacks to find and 12 different environments to explore. For the best times on the leaderboards, sharpen your abilities. As any lumberjack does, grab an ax and slash the tree as quickly as you can!


  • Many levels to achieve.
  • Daily missions give rewards; the tasks update every few hours.
  • On the 7th day, you will receive an epic hero.
  • Each new game round, different trees appear for you to cut down.

How to control: Click / Tap on either side of the tree to chop.


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