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Trains.io 3D

About Trains.io 3D

Trains.io 3D is a 3D slithering train game. By consuming others and becoming longer, you can become the greatest train in-game. Fight for the first ranking!

This game is designed with 3D graphics. By participating in this game, you can experience fierce battles with the most vivid images. Different ships and items come to life. Besides, you will be impressed by the smooth movement of objects. Not only ships can move, but you can also see the movement of items. They move smoothly and draw you into this game.

This entertaining game was released on July 2021 by Vetx. This game is considered to have the same gameplay as the Snake IO game. However, players can also feel the difference that no other game can offer except Train.io 3D.

Fight and Gain the first position on the leaderboard

Your mission is to control a train. You only have one compartment at the start of the game. Take control of the ship to gobble up screws and toolboxes to grow longer. Eating screws help you increase a train's compartment. Eating toolboxes gives you two more compartments. Obviously, the toolboxes are more beneficial. Therefore, you should collect as many toolboxes as possible. Besides, you can also increase the number of compartments of your train by killing other players. They will leave a large number of toolboxes. If you don't want to compete, you can go to the edge area. This is where the toolboxes are usually located. However, this will also be an area of fiercer competition.

In addition, you need to navigate your character to avoid other trains. You will die if you crash into other trains. Besides, crashing into the edge of the playing field also stops you from playing the game. The battle will be fiercer than you think. Other players will continuously attack you. They can corner you or rush forward for you to crash into them. You need to look at the whole map. You should also stay away from dodgy trains.

Note that you can increase the movement speed by pressing and holding the left mouse button. You can also eat blue jars. It's a power-up to get you up to speed.

In order to gain the first position on the leaderboard, you need to have the most compartments on the map. You will see the top 10 players on the right screen. Will you be able to become the leading player?


Can you play Trains.io 3D for free?

You can play Trains.io 3D for free because it is a free online game. Let's access this game on our website to experience and explore new games.

How can you beat the Trains.io 3D game?

You can beat this action game by surviving as long as possible. In particular, you need to make sure that you have the most compartments. You will gain the first position on the leaderboard.

How can you control Trains.io 3D?

You can easily control this game by sliding your mouse. When you want to accelerate, let's press and hold the left mouse button.


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