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Troll Boxing

About Troll Boxing

Troll Boxing brings you the most exciting boxing arena ever. Graphics are carefully cared for, you can control the game Troll Boxing intuitively on the computer screen. The game is suitable for players who are passionate about boxing and fighting games.

Defeat your opponents

New players will not have any difficulty playing Troll Boxing on the computer because there are specific instructions for attacking or defending. After choosing the screen, you can be ready to throw yourself into the dramatic boxing arena, suffocating until the last minute. The game will end when one of the boxers runs out of blood, try to be the one to continue fighting in the following rounds.


Use the arrow keys to control.

Interesting things in Troll Boxing

HP Bar

While fighting with the opponent, do not forget to pay attention to the HP bar. This is a tool that shows you and your opponent's health. The player who runs out of blood first is the loser. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this HP bar to attack and defend properly.

Combine both attack and defense in Troll Boxing

Coming to this game, if you only attack, you will lose strength but quickly run out of health because the opponent can also attack you. Therefore, do not forget to defend to reduce damage from enemy punches. Also, don't forget to join other game arenas, such as Snake IO, or The Spear Stickman.


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